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Love is lost unless you can find it

So, ow is everyone here today. I have now decided that mostly everyone like 90% of the People that I used to like now bother the hell out of me and I want nothing more than to just throw them all in a room and lock the door. I don't care how anti-social I am being all of you people bother me. You are mindless, spineless and have no concept of the real world. So, stop talking to me and don't bother even pretending that I like you anymore. Its not true in fact to tell everyone the truth unless I am ACTUALLY nice to you the probable answer is that I loathe and deteste you. When the world wakes up and ya'll becoem a real person talk to me then. I am sick of falshehood and lies.To tell you guys the truth. YOU SUCK! Period End of Story. Like seriously, you guys follow each other around like little puupy dogs that can't make a decison on your own. Sorry to everyone who actually read this but I needed to rant.
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