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.::Favorite::.(Just One)

::Music::hard rock
::Clothing Brand::digital?
::Shoes::ones that fit
::Band::anything loud
::Actor::One that can really act
::Movie::Cry Baby
::Song::Pearl Jam- Do the revolution
::Hair Color::purple
::Eye Color::black


::Top 10 Bands::alexisonfire,teegan&sarah,godsmack,brandnew,36 crazyfists,papa roach,nora,cky,lacuna coil
::Top 10 Movies::crybaby,underworld,thirteen,texas chainsaw masacure,thirteen ghosts, ginger snaps, gingersnaps 2, Princess Mononike,cheech and chong, Eurotrip
::Top 5 Songs::Down- Blink 182, End of all things to come- Mudvayne, Hellview- cky, Nymphetamine-Lacuna Coil, Bloodwork- 36 Crazyfists
::Top 3 Friends::Tasha, Aj, john, alex(3 spaces isn't enough)

.::Word Assosiation::.

.::Your Opinions On::.
::Gay Marriage::ok
::Abortion::things do happen
::Underage Drinking::ok I do it
::Drugs::don't judge unless you've done
::Love::is not real
::Premarital Sex::people have sex
::School::I want a future

.::Put No less than 2, no more than 5 Pictures of yourself::.(if you can)
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