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The Hearts

bleed because of you..</3

Hearts of blood....</3
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All Members , Moderated
This is a rating community, so if you're not one who likes to be rated than don't join.

The Rulez
1. Put all applications under an lj-cut. If you don't know how, the first post will show you how.
2. Please bold either the questions, or answer so it is easier to read.
3. Be nice and don't give other members and Mod's a hard time.
4. If you are not accepted, you may reapply in a week with new picturez!
5. you MUST be 14 to join
6. In the subject line put "My Heart Bleeds For You"
7. Under the lj-cut for your application, please put, "Bloody Hearts" just so i know you read the rules and that it is an application.
8. After you are accepted, you may promote once a week.
9. This was made to meet new people.
10. The first 10 people are automatically accepted, and must promote!
11. Please vote honestly, but try to be nice.
12. And last but not least HAVE FUN!



::Sexual Preference::
::Hair Color::
::Eye Color::
::Pets(if so how many::
::If in school, what grade::
::In five words, describe yourself::

::Promote us in one journal and put a link -->::

.::Favorite::.(Just One)

::Clothing Brand::
::Hair Color::
::Eye Color::


::Top 10 Bands::
::Top 10 Movies::
::Top 5 Songs::
::Top 3 Friends::

.::Word Assosiation::.

.::Your Opinions On::.
::Gay Marriage::
::Underage Drinking::
::Premarital Sex::

.::Put No less than 2, no more than 5 Pictures of yourself::.(if you can)

Promo Banners

Accepted and Rejected Banners